Retrospec Laguna Yoga Mat

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Ocean Blue

Bring the heat on your own terms with Laguna's non-slip, expertly designed, water-wicking material. Designed to withstand your most challenging hot yoga practice.

A pause in your practice should add clarity, not detract from your routine.  Stay limber, strong, and balanced without losing your center due to a slippery mat. Retrospec’s Laguna Non-Slip Yoga Mat helps you bring the heat on your own terms. Laguna provides unbeatable non-slip grip with its expertly designed, water-wicking material so no flow is interrupted. Unlike porous mats that absorb moisture and bacteria, Laguna is specifically designed to prevent any unwelcomed toxins from ruining your practice. Cruelty-free, vegan, and free from PVC and other ozone-damaging toxins, Laguna is lightweight, durable, and ideal for your most challenging hot yoga session.