GoalZero Flip 24

Size Chart

When one charge just isn't enough, Flip 24 power bank charges and boosts your gear from SEA to JFK and every layover along the way.

Flip 24 Highlights

Pocket-Friendly, Power-Ready

At 6,700mAh, Flip 24 gives about two recharges on most phones and can even boost a tablet in a pinch. It's the perfect size for any backpack, purse, or carry-on.


No on/off buttons to mess with, simply plug in your cable and charge up.

Get up, Get Out, Stay Powered

Know before you go with a handy, easy-to-read battery indicator. Includes a built-in flip-out USB tip for easy recharging.

What can the Flip 24 Power?

The Flip 24 is great for all your smaller USB powered gear.

Smartphone 2 Recharges
POV Camera 3 Recharges
Headlamp 2-5 Recharges
Tablet 50% Boost