Hawk Soap Co Insect Repellant

Hawk’s Swamp Fire Bug Repellant was developed on the Louisiana swamps and bayous where mosquitos and gnats are harsh. Swamp Fire is handcrafted with pecan oil to help keep the texture light and your skin moisturized. Plus we use a premium herbal blend of all natural bug repelling oils and vanilla so you can soar bug free into the great outdoors.


Active Ingredients: Geraniol (1-2.5%), Eucalyptus Oil (1-2.5%), Orange Oil (1-2.5%), Citronellol Oil (.5-1%), Citronella Oil (.5-1%), Lemongrass Oil (.1-.5%), L-Menthol (.1-.5%), Litsea Cubeba (.1-.5%).

Inert Ingredients: (85% total): Pecan Oil, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Vanilla and Soy Lecithin.