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Massey's Travel is heading to Telluride!

Massey's Travel is heading to Telluride!

Telluride is the ski resort everyone has been requesting.  Massey's Travel is pleased to announce that for Mardi Gras 2018 we'll be heading there non-stop!

Telluride Ski Resort offers world-renowned ski terrain and charm, but it's often been considered "too difficult" to access from Louisiana.  Massey's Travel changes that with a non-stop flight from New Orleans to Tellluride for Mardi Gras 2018.

February 12 - 18, 2018

Packages including non-stop charter flights, transfers, 6-nights lodging, and 4-day lifts & rentals.  A family of 4 starts at $ 8700.00

Don't delay.  Demand will be brisk and seating is limited.  Call/text 504.301.5777 or email for a customized quote.


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visit for more details.
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