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Massey's Legal Information


All images and content on this site are believed to be "fair use" and/or public domain. All images and/or content was provided by third parties (i.e. our manufacturers, friends, clubs, reps, etc...) and we believe them to have full rights to such, including the rights to grant permission to such items.

If you, or any party you are contracted to feels we have infringed on their trademark, likeness, copyright, patent or similar rights to content, we will be happy to cease such presentation upon notification and proof of such violation. Under no circumstances shall we be obligated to paying any sort of licensing fees before proper notification and proof of ownership is sent to our attention and a time period of no less than 30 days has passed without our removal of such items.

We do not in any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy of any data provided on this site. While we have made every conceivable attempt to verify the accuracy of information provided, we cannot be held responsible for any losses stemming from inaccurate information.

We do not obligate ourselves to sell merchandise at prices listed on this site in error. While we will make every attempt to verify our prices, sometimes an error will occur due to human or computer error. In this case, customers will be offered the opportunity to cancel their purchase with no obligation created on the part of either party. Also, the inclusion of a price for an item or the listing of an item on this site does not guarantee availability. We reserve the right to void or not accept any sale before or after payment is accepted. In the event payment has been accepted, and the item is not available and/or priced incorrectly, we will issue a prompt refund.