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Gear Swap

Twice Annually. Spring and Fall. 

Massey’s offers customers a chance to clean their closets and replace that old backpack or tent with cash or store credit. 

Drop off your gear and completed customer item form (see below) at the Massey's store in New Orleans on North Carrollton. We cannot negotiate for you, so please price your gear to sell. Remember, it will be on sale with new clothes and gear from our inventory. It is your choice whether you want cash or store credit. 

Check our social media accounts for the exact start date for the Spring/Fall gear swap. The last day we will accept your used gear is the first Wednesday of Gear Swap. 


1. Massey’s Gear Swap and Tent Sale runs twice annually with dates in spring and fall. It is during regular Mid-City store hours. 

2. Consigned gear will begin being accepted at all store locations up to three week prior to the event and will be accepted through the first Wednesday of gear swap. 

3. We will consider any item that is the same as or similar to the products we currently stock. However, we retain the right to refuse any item. Here are some brief, but more specific guidelines. 

Example of acceptable items include: packs, tents, sleeping bags, stoves, lanterns, guide books, rain gear, clothing, luggage, fishing, equipment, ski apparel & accessories. 

Examples of unacceptable items include: any item listed above that is dirty, or unserviceable. Other items are excluded for hygienic reasons, such as: SHOES, undergarments, personal hygiene items, furniture, etc. Still other items are excluded for legal reasons, such as: climbing equipment, helmets, firearms, swords, electronics, and cars. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SKIS, SKI BOOTS, SNOWBOARDS, SNOWBOARD BOOTS. 

4. Please consolidate your consignment items to one “drop off”. 

5. Gear will be sold by Massey’s at the consigned price chosen by the consignor (that’s you!), although if asked we will recommend prices based on our experience, opinions and the lunar cycle. Please avoid over pricing as we cannot re-price items during the week. Additionally there will be no volume discounts, no haggling, and no side deals allowed. 

6. Funds derived from consignment items will be dispersed in the following ways ONCE GEAR SWAP IS OVER (Please allow a few weeks to process your sold/unsold items). 

Store Credit equal to 100% of the value of items sold will be issued to a customer account in our system as soon as humanly possible after the Gear Swap has concluded. This is the fastest way to gain access to the funds. 

Cash Back equal to 75% of the value of the items sold will be issued in the form of a check that can be picked up at any Massey’s location with some form of photo ID. This form of payment takes more time and we ask that you please be patient. 

8. Please provide us with the best contact information available, it will be used to notify you that your store credit or check is available. 

9. All unsold items will be accounted for and their owner's notified. Items not picked up after 60 days will be considered abandoned and will be donated to a local charity. 

10. As space will be limited, all display and set up will be handled by Massey’s. 

11. Massey’s is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen goods. 

12. No returns or exchanges on consignment items. No exceptions. 

If you have questions regarding the Gear Swap, do not hesitate to call our Mid-City location at 504-648-0292 or shoot an email to will.estes at 

Thank you and good luck!